Temporary leadership, lasting results

Turn an opening into an opportunity with short-term senior-level executive or operations support. We start by developing a deep understanding of your needs to connect you with a leader uniquely suited to your organization.

Our Interim Executive program is focused on fit

LPC provides experienced leadership and senior management experts to fill temporary vacancies in your organization. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements so we can provide the ideal person. It’s not just about matching skills — we ensure cultural fit and leadership compatibility with you and your team. Whether you need to fill temporary gaps in your leadership team or operations support, we can provide the ideal candidate. Contact us to discuss executive support for your special projects.

Getting it right, from the start

During our Phase Zero discovery we collaborate to establish needs for the position and what success looks like for your company. We ask the right questions and together determine requirements to select the optimal candidate. We provide continuous oversight of our contracted executives through scheduled check-ins and feedback mechanisms.

Interim executive

Bench strength and great people

Our mantra of: people, purpose and performance drives our search for interim executive candidates.

Naturally, we assess our contract executives based on their experience and accomplishments, then we go further. The top performers have a way with people, they can fit into or lead cultures and inspire teams – this is who we seek. We are continually expanding our network, vetting and onboarding executives to ensure we can fulfil a wide range of needs.

Our interim executive clients are typically midsize to large organizations with temporary requirements for director, VP, or C-suite executives. While client sectors and individual needs vary, our customers tend to share our view that the path to performance is through aligned, purpose-driven people.

LBC does not provide permanent placement services.

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