People Purpose Performance

Aligning people with purpose creates performance. While this sounds simple, it’s challenging to implement and harder to sustain. We believe the best organizations are built by high-performing people working toward a shared goal with common values. Put simply, businesses are built on healthy, outcome-oriented cultures. This belief drives our approach in all areas of our work.

We are building a network of like-minded people who know companies can achieve their goals through human-centred leadership. This means we support our people and invest in our clients, focusing on long-term partnerships rather than one-and-done projects. Our goal is to build authentic partnerships with excellent companies and help them achieve win after win.

These beliefs are the core of who we are and how we do things. They’re the culmination of everything I’ve observed and learned in a 30-year career that has included leadership in sales, consulting, finance, technology, and HR. What did each of these areas have in common? People. Seeing the potential humanistic strategy in all aspects of business inspired me to take the leap and build a company that would support both our employees and our clients for a shared positive experience.

Sue Tardi

Founder and President

We will:

Lead with character and commitment

Our relationships begin with trust and transparency. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of character and remain committed to our promises.

Be courageous

We ask tough questions, sit in discomfort with you, and stay the course when needed. We will walk together towards high performance for our team and yours.

Be creative

No two situations are the same and we won’t arrive with templated solutions. We will listen first so we can bring back new ideas and insights.

Act as one team

When our internal team is working together we bring the best solutions, and thinking, to our clients. We will strive for excellence.

Give back

To ourselves, through growth opportunities, to our clients, by bringing our best selves every day and to our communities by returning a percentage of revenue to the communities we serve.

Our communities

To be successful, every company needs to be supported by the community it serves. Local or not, we have a shared responsibility to give back — on good days and challenging ones. For this reason, Leaps & Bounds Consulting commits to donating at least 2% of revenue to charities or not-for-profit organizations in the province where the revenue was earned. As we continue to grow, employees will be given two paid days a year to volunteer at an organization of their choice.