Someone recently asked me how I would know when Leaps & Bounds Consulting (LBC) has achieved success. It’s a great question with an even more important answer — it comes down to people, purpose, and performance. For those who recognize these three words, they are the words we use to describe the work we do with our clients, and they are the foundation of how we will define success at LBC. There will be another day to write about people and performance. Today, I’d like to share some thoughts on purpose.

For LBC, purpose means giving back to the communities that support us. Whether that’s through volunteer time or dollars. It means never forgetting that without the support of our communities, our businesses can’t thrive. It means doing the public things that others will see and hopefully emulate, and it means doing the quiet things that few will see but that will make an impact. It means giving your time or money even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

Why give?

In today’s connected world, community is more important than ever. Communities are at the heart of our lives, giving us support, friendship, and a place where we feel we belong. But for a community to thrive, we must give back. When we do, the benefits are felt by both the giver and the received. There are some big, meaningful reasons to get involved in helping out our communities, and these reasons touch us personally and affect the broader society as well.

Strengthening social bonds

Giving back is a powerful means of strengthening social bonds. By participating in community activities, individuals connect with their neighbours and local businesses, fostering a sense of unity. This connection is crucial in today’s world where isolation and loneliness are on the rise. Community involvement provides a platform for people to meet, interact, and support each other, creating a robust social network that can act as a safety net during tough times. 

Economic benefits

Getting involved in your community brings real economic benefits. When people donate to local charities, shop local, or volunteer, they’re not just being good neighbours — they’re also helping to keep jobs in the community and giving the local economy a boost. This kind of support makes the community more lively and appealing, drawing in more businesses and making the area a better place to live. Plus, when more people take part in community life, it tends to lead to lower crime rates and better schools, improving everyone’s quality of life.

Personal development

On a personal level, giving back is incredibly fulfilling. It offers individuals a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Volunteering, for example, can provide people with valuable skills, new experiences, and the opportunity to meet diverse groups of people. This can lead to personal growth, improved self-esteem, and even better mental health. Studies have shown that engaging in acts of giving can decrease stress and increase happiness.

Civic responsibility

Giving back is also a key part of our civic duty. It’s about being an active member of society and helping it function and flourish. Being an active citizen is vital for keeping democracy strong and for developing our communities. Whether it’s through volunteering, community service, or getting involved in local politics, participating in community decisions means your voice is heard and you have an impact on shaping your surroundings.

Legacy and sustainability

Finally, investing in the community is about leaving a positive legacy for future generations. Younger generations are watching, and we must demonstrate that we are taking care of our communities today so they will be healthy and vibrant for our children and their families.


Giving back to the community is a richly rewarding activity that supports economic stability, personal growth, social connectivity, and civic engagement. It’s about more than just donations — it is about making an ongoing commitment to the welfare of others and the collective future. Whether through small daily acts of kindness or larger coordinated efforts, every contribution counts. Engaging in community support not only helps address immediate needs but also sets the stage for long-term prosperity and cohesion. By nurturing the communities in which we live, we not only improve the lives of others but also enrich our own, creating a more harmonious, responsible, and vibrant society.

LBC has made a commitment to donate at least 2% of revenues back into the communities where the revenue was earned. As a long-time leadership donor and major donor with United Way Winnipeg, I know the impact that every dollar donated can make to our community. Fixing some of the complex challenges that our Canadian cities are experiencing is no small feat, however, if we all decided to help just a little bit more than we do today, the impact would be significant.

Regardless of where you call home, many incredible organizations would benefit from your time or your dollars. As we go into a season of warmth and revitalization, please consider how you can give just a little bit more than you do today.

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